About Kate:

Who am I? I am a life long do-everything-the-hardest-way possible person.

It’s funny now, but for the better part of my late teens and well into my twenties it was very difficult to find my way. I could go into all the trials and errors I experienced but my story is no more unique than yours, and you’re here because you need to be heard. Which is the very struggle I experienced early on … being heard. The majority of people gave me well-meaning advice but I needed time to flush out questions in a trusted and safe space.

Since, I did not have a place to talk I had to dig into my own introverted nature and teach myself how to use these quieter personality attributes for my benefit. Today, my work in the mental health world is help you shorten that span of learning!

My coaching and researching is to further explore the questions of how introverts move through their careers and life, and create a space to support, encourage, and champion introverts into a greater sense of personal mastery and personal peace.

Our partnership is so that you can move forward through your life spending time on thriving instead of figuring out or questioning how move through your world.



Testimonials (some):

“When I first connected with her, I was unsure of where I stood professionally, of how to manage my time and of myself in general. No matter what I did, I felt stuck and was overwhelmed by the decisions I was making. Within just a few sessions, Kate helped me discover that I have an invisible personal development toolbox fastened around my waist at all times, and that inside of it, I have everything I will ever need to reach my professional and personal potential. Since having discovered this, my anxiety has completely dissolved and I feel so in-control of my business and my life goal of helping others.” Natalie 

“Kate is a gifted, insightful coach who is “all in” every session. When I wanted to jump right to finding solutions, she knew that I needed to first get clear about my goal. She skillfully brought me through a conversation that helped me discover exactly what I needed to prioritize. I always felt at ease to speak honestly, and Kate kept me digging deeper at a pace that felt comfortable and safe. I’m impressed by how much we accomplished each session. All the hard work this summer has paid off, and I’m starting my busy fall season feeling organized, refreshed, and ready.” Kerri


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